About us


Quality first is [adhere to the five aspects of strengthening quality control], continue to study various technical standards of food, continuously improve product quality, and ensure product quality first.
Being close to customers is to study the potential needs of customers in depth under the premise of product quality assurance. Fully meet the needs of customers in terms of varieties, prices, packaging, sales methods, delivery methods, use methods, sharing methods, storage methods, and all aspects.

What ShopBBX do

Exceeding customer expectations refers to not only providing comprehensive services to customers in terms of product quality and service, but also improving customers' perceived value. Leading the direction of the industry is to provide consumers with the concept of leisure life in the role of industry leaders and experts, and guide consumers on how to eat snack foods healthily and reasonably. Integrate industry resources and establish a benchmark for the snack food retail service industry.

Idea presentation

A team with ideas knows how to integrate the ideas they want to express into the product

United group

Going out together regularly, you can see that ShopBBX is a very united team

Lively discussion

Every time our product is released and launched, we will first go through serious research and discussion